Suncorp Bank More information

Suncorp is Queensland’s largest bank. Paul is currently the Lead Architect on a core systems replacement project which will replace the bank’s legacy systems with the Oracle Banking Platform.


Suncorp Insurance More information

Suncorp is Australia’s second largest insurance company. In this role, Paul was a Solution Architect on the new insurance claims system – Guidewire ClaimCenter. His area of expertise within the team was integration with corporate applications such as customer, policy, financials and document management.


Tabcorp More information

Tabcorp is Australia’s premier gambling and entertainment group with interests in casinos, wagering, Keno and hotels. Paul is a Solution Architect in the Strategy & Architecture group.


Acrucis More information

Acrucis is a niche software consultancy servicing investment banks in the United Kingdom and Australia. Paul founded the company and was its Solution Architect.


JP Morgan More information

JP Morgan is one of the world’s largest investment banks. Paul was a Team Leader & Systems Designer in the Debt Capital Market group.


Lloyds of London (Equitas) More information

Equitas, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, manages the long term liabilities of Lloyds of London. Paul was the Development Team Leader during the year 2000 era.


Motability Finance More information

Motability Finance Limited is the largest automobile leasing firm in Europe. Paul was a Senior Analyst / Programmer.


PowerPlus More information

PowerPlus was the Queensland distributor for PowerBuilder. When they discovered Paul was moving to the United Kingdom they asked him to perform a short contract as a Consultant.


Canegrowers More information

Canegrowers is an industry body which represents the Australian sugar cane industry. Paul worked there as a Senior Analyst / Programmer and helped them transition from COBOL to client server.


Technology One More information

Technology One is one of Australia’s largest software houses. Paul worked as a Senior Analyst / Programmer on their flagship product – Finance One.


Suncorp More information

Suncorp is one of Australia’s largest banking and insurance companies. Paul worked in the Life Insurance group as a Senior Analyst / Programmer on the SOLAR project.


Department of Defence More information

Paul joined the Department of Defence after graduating and worked on one of the largest IT projects in Australia, a system to revitalise the Defence Force’s supply network. This background in large scale software development has proved invaluable during his career.