Canegrowers is an industry body which represents the Australian sugar cane industry. Paul worked there as a Senior Analyst / Programmer and helped them transition from COBOL to client server.

Business Environment

Collection and analysis of sugar industry statistics.
Membership management.
Bulk mailing.Production of magnetically encoded membership cards.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Worked with users to define their business requirements and produced technical specifications based on those requirements.

Prepared a 5 year plan for systems development at Canegrowers. This called for a number of independent applications all accessing a central data repository.

Documented application development standards for PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and COBOL.

Evaluated client server development tools such as Visual Basic, SQL Windows and PowerBuilder.

Designed and implemented a PowerBuilder object framework.

Developed and maintained a range of applications using PowerBuilder, Visual Basic and COBOL.

Designed and administered databases and data warehouses.

Participated in beta testing of new releases of HP ALLBASE/SQL and its ODBC driver.

Founding member of the Queensland PowerBuilder Users Group. Addressed the group on the subject of “PowerBuilder Resources On The Internet”.

Member of the California based Hewlett Packard Client Server Users Group. Addressed the group on the subject of “PowerBuilder and ALLBASE/SQL”.

Qualified as a Certified PowerBuilder Developer (version 4).

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May 1993 - May 1996.