Equitas, one of the world’s largest reinsurance companies, manages the long term liabilities of Lloyds of London. Paul was the Development Team Leader during the year 2000 era.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Managed a team of seven developers. Duties included task allocation, mentoring, performance appraisal, management reporting, quality assurance and overall responsibility for project delivery.

Analysed requirements and prepared specifications for developers.

Developed and maintained several PowerBuilder applications. The largest of these systems had over 300 windows and 200 tables.

Led the effort to examine all systems for Y2K compliance and rectify any potential problems.

Refactored a data matching engine, improving both performance and accuracy.

Wrote stored procedures, triggers, SQL scripts, BCP routines, DTS packages and ad-hoc queries for MS SQL Server databases and data warehouses. This involved extensive query analysis, performance tuning and data cleansing.

Designed and maintained conceptual and physical data models using PowerDesigner.

Coordinated the release of new versions of PowerBuilder applications. Including preparation of the implementation plan, compilation of the executable, development of the setup program (using InstallShield), writing release notes and the actual installation on user’s computers.

Documented standards for all facets of PowerBuilder development such as interface design, naming conventions, coding guidelines, documentation and testing requirements.

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November 1997 - January 2000.