Acrucis is a niche software consultancy servicing investment banks in the United Kingdom and Australia. Paul founded the company and was its Solution Architect.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Founded the company, along with two other IT veterans.

Performed consulting services for investment banks in London and Sydney.

Assisted with projects that have been outsourced to offshore vendors.

Teamed with IBM’s jStart (emerging technology group) to prepare a joint proposal for a banking industry organisation.



JP Morgan (Sydney) – Analyse requirements to adapt a UK centric application for Australian usage.

JP Morgan (London) – Resolve database deadlocking and performance issues.

JP Morgan (London) – Review deliverables, analyse test results, triage defects and provide guidance to offshore developers.

JP Morgan (Sydney) – Prepare and deliver training for a new computer system.

JP Morgan (London) – Analyse and document the functionality of a complex interest calculation engine.

JP Morgan (London) – Design a process to expose data maintained by legacy applications.

JP Morgan (London) – Determine the feasibility of commercialising in-house software.

JP Morgan (London) – Prepare logical and physical data models.

International Paying Agents Association – Design a web based portal (joint venture with IBM jTech).

Qld Department of Training – Author an overview of their preferred technical standards.

Qld Workers Compensation (QComp) – Analyse the requirements of three business units.


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January 2003 - April 2004.