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Writing an XML Parser in PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder Journal
September 2001

JP Morgan in London used PowerBuilder to implement an XML interface between a web-based bond trading system and one of their back office systems. This article examines how to develop an XML parsing system using PowerBuilder.
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Writing an NT Service in PowerBuilder
PowerBuilder Journal
October 2001

NT Services are the ideal solution for tasks that must be performed without human intervention, 24 x 7, in a secure and reliable manner. Although services are traditionaly written using C++ it is possible to develop them using PowerBuilder. This article explains how to do this.
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Public Speaking

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XML Training Day
Sybase & PowerBuilder User Group Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
May 2002

Paul was invited to be the keynote speaker at the user group in Zurich. His all-day session included the "XML / PowerBuilder Messaging System" presentation from TechWave as well as two new topics; "Introduction to XML" and "A Generic SaveAs(XML) Function".
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An XML / PowerBuilder Messaging System
Sybase TechWave 2001
San Diego, United States
August 2001

How to develop an interface between a web-based system and a PowerBuilder application using XML. The presentation is based on a system developed by Paul whle he was working at JPMorgan in London. The techniques are illustrated by two demonstration applications.
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Caching Datawindow Result Sets To Improve Performance
PowerBuilder User Group
Brisbane, Australia
May 1996

This presentation discussed ways to cache the result sets of drop down datawindows to improve performance.


PowerBuilder and ALLBASE/SQL
Hewlett Packard Client Server User's Group
Cupertino, United States
January 1995

ALLBASE/SQL is Hewlett Packard's relational database. In 1995 Paul beta tested the first ALLBASE ODBC driver. Because his investigation focused on PowerBuilder compatability and performance he was asked to present his findings to the user group in Cupertino.


PowerBuilder Resources On The Internet
PowerBuilder User Group
Brisbane, Australia
June 1994

Long before the dot com hype Paul was using the Internet as a resource for learning about PowerBuilder. This presentation discussed the sites that were available at the time.